musselman arch

a trip to Musselman arch is more of an adventure in four wheel drive than it is an adventure in hiking.   the 45'ish minute drive is exponentially longer than the 300 foot walk to the arch from the parking lot. ๐Ÿ˜   (directions to Musselman @ bottom of post)

while there may not be a 'real' hike involved - there's plenty of spots to gawk into canyons & over rivers, take 127 too many pictures & have a picnic with some of the best scenery. 
you can see from below dead horse state park as well as "Thelma & Louise point"
open range means you'll make many cow friends .. please don't bother them.  they'll be here long after all the tourists are gone.
I don't think I realized how high the 'bridge' was until I turned around to take the picture of Gary below (top left)  I also realized then, that the piece of Earth I was standing on was suspended & Gary's piece of Earth was connected to said Earth.   I wanted to be connected too; so 0.049 seconds after taking the picture below; I ran back to the non suspended piece of Earth by Gary.  ๐Ÿ˜

the bridge itself is pretty cool; but like I said - the adventure is the journey across the desert via a portion of the white rim trail. we turned around & headed back home the way we came, but I cannot wait to finish  71 mile 4x4 adventure that is the white rim road !! 

to get there : drive north of moab and turn onto Potash road (hwy 279)  
from the turnoff to the arch is approximately 10 miles
follow potash all the way up, past the mines & the evaporation ponds; into canyonlands national park (pass required, if you meet a ranger you better have one ...)
take a left when the road meets the 'white rim trail' 
(right turn will take you up 
the arch is about 2.25 miles from here.

you can turn around & head back the same way you came, turning back down Potash road.  Or; when you get to that intersection - you could go the other way & head up into Canyonlands by going up the shafer trail - be warned though -  SHAFER TRAIL IS NOT FOR THE FAINT AT HEART!
extreme switchbacks, massive cliff drop offs & no guard rails 

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