Dark Angel

Dark Angel is a free standing 150 ft sandstone tower.  It stands solitary at the finish line; literally the pinnacle of the Devil's Garden hike inside Arches National Park. 
They say it's called the Dark Angel because 'they' say if you look at it in a certain light, from a certain angle - you're supposed to see an Angel. 😕 I've looked at it from every angle.  I've seen many things that it resembles ~ I don't see an angel.  but, maybe it's just me. 😆  
The only way to complete this hike in September without dying from heat or having 234 uninvited tourist chaperones is to go early. 
by early, I mean get up before God and the sun
these views in the morning are pretty boring. 
I'm not sure why I even bothered taking pictures .. 😅
along the way to the Dark Angel, there are 6 'spur trails' to different arches.  we'd already visited these arches this summer, so on this morning we were focused on the 'big guy' at the end.

the journey to dark angel will involve the climbing of many fins, scary heights, high cliffs and rock scrambles.
we've hiked over the fins above (see the tiny humans?) and below many times; they still test our vertigo and fear of heights while definitely NOT getting easier 😆 

from the Double O arch (right top corner, above) the hike to Dark Angel & back only adds an extra 1.8 miles.  while, she may not be an arch - she's a pretty impressive structure of nature.
large & solitary, she hides treasures that would be discovered by us on a later trip.  

one of my top 10 favorite pictures of all time.. 😆
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