Hidden Valley

we wanted to go to hidden valley to seek out petroglyphs that we'd heard stories about but had never seen ourselves.  we thought that since it had been almost 2 weeks since it snowed; it would mostly be melted up high on the hidden valley plateau.  we were wrong.

like a scene out of Fargo without the bad accents or murder; this place was frozen, blinding white and drenched in a creepy fog the day we went.  There was a 600 foot elevation gain in the first half mile; only made worse because it was sketchy rocks covered in ice and snow. After reaching the top and hiking the first 1/4 mile on top of the seemingly endless winter wasteland - the fog dissipated.   
Nugget had a ridiculous amount of fun; despite his boogercicles and frozen doggy drool.  
we hiked a couple miles on top of the plateau, but weren't quite sure where the trail ended or where to search for the petroglyphs.  We didn't take into consideration the stupid white stuff covering up all signs of trails; so we'll have to come back another day to investigate. 
a day when it's not so frozen, because the way back down was 10x sketchier than the way up

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