moab mastodon

let's  be honest .. I had to google the difference between a mastodon & a wooly mammoth. šŸ˜†  I did know they were both basically hairy relatives of the elephant; but didn't know exactly what made them different.  The main thing was actually in the way they ate their food; besides obvious physical differences.
mammoth : curved tusks, higher shoulders, flat top teeth, big bulky blockhead.
mastodon : straight tusks, lower shoulders, "nipples" on teeth, elephant shaped head. 
haha mastodon literally means 'nipple tooth' because the grooves in their teeth reminded 18th c. paleontologists of boobs.'  šŸ˜…
this hike is super easy, not far from town and kind of off the beaten path.  It didn't take much research for me to find the info needed; so I won't be disclosing details, GPS coords or trail information.  doing a little research is fun, I promise.  It was only a couple miles total to hike.  We even went in and out of side canyons looking on every wall with patina to see if we could find our hairy elephant friend. 
 the petroglyph above is called : 4 toes .. he's so cute.  we had to pet him.  haha.   (but if you look closely he has fangs, so be careful šŸ˜†..)
you'll see a LOT of graffiti, gunshot holes and desecration of history as you go through the panels.  thus; solidifying my decision to not disclose too much. 
There were a lot of goats and people figures.   even a family portrait and a guy with skis on šŸ˜‰
hello, my hairy elephant friend!! thanks for still being here to be part of our moab fun šŸ˜‰
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