owl petroglyph panel

owls, turtles and elephants; hands down my favorite animals. I feel like in their own special way; each of them contribute to what makes up my 'spirit animal'  So, when I heard there was an owl panel in Moab - I had to figure out where it was.  After a little research, I found out it's in an easily accessible area on Kane creek; that we'd driven by at least 212 times.   The Kane creek area really turned out to be a treasure chest of adventures, this winter.   So, if you're standing at the trail head for Amasa back ON kane creek, you can actually see the panel with a good set of binoculars from right there.  You'll also know exactly where you're headed if you take time to look, first. (top picture, below)
so to take the Amasa back trail; the rules are to park at the 'jackson hole' trailhead parking lot about half a mile before the TH & walk up the road to the trail.  of course when we got there; a few people were already parked illegally on the road; directly across from the trail head. but, we followed the rules and walked it like good kids.  :)  
We started out with three dogs who were all loving the jeep/bike trail; running like mad, chasing lizards & anything else that moved. (but not the many passing bikers. thank goodness)  One of the dogs was having so much fun he may have run off for 15 minutes and humans had to chase after him; but that's neither here nor there.    
the newest puppy .. my grandbaby HAHA - Roxie.
there's a small creek at the very beginning of the trail 
above left :  Savage - the dog that may or may not have wandered far away
above right side : watching rock climbers as we hike up the side of the mountain

It's a super easy easy hike along the trail.  Finding the spot where you 'turn up' to climb to the cliff of petroglyphs might have been the most challenging part.  we read somewhere that you could see the petroglyphs from "the sign" and you'll know where you're going.  We didn't realize they meant the sign at the entrance & may have confused it with a BLM sign much farther down the trail; then subsequently hiked a mile in the wrong direction.  may have ..

after you've gone past the green fence - pay close attention for a cairn up high & to your right as you hike.  you'll be able to see a faint trail if you're looking at the level above the trail.
 (above top)  watching kids as they hiked far away from us
(above bottom left)  first petroglyph (the beckoner) that came into view as you reached the peak of the climb
(above bottom right) this was the first time I saw whale rock and it actually looked like a whale ..  

after chasing the dog for 15 minutes and going a mile in the wrong direction; our youngest (14) was over it & at this point, the kids turned around.  Luckily, we'd come in 2 cars. So, we sent the kids & the 2 rowdy dogs home; then Gary and I headed up towards cliff's edges.    
immediately after turning the corner from 'the beckoner' (2 pictures above)  you're showered with petroglyphs.  
  there are quite a few scattered pieces around to view; as well as the long line of sheep; below.
(above bottom left) there's a BIG boulder on the ground with petroglyphs on it.  A turtle!! A TURTLE AND AN OWL for me, today!! best day, ever. so please, be careful where you walk.  I want so many people to be able to see the ground dwelling turtle art ..  
we got to the final panel about 3pm and the sun had already begun to descend upon the giant 5 foot armless figure; but we still managed to get a TON of good pictures.   
 Nugget sure enjoys our Moab fun .. time to make your own!!

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