Kane Creek Petroglyphs

our adventures in discovering the many locations of Kane creek rock art started out as a complete misadventure.  
I wanted to see Cable arch; but we quickly learned that Nugget & my short legs weren't gonna be able to make a scramble up some pretty vertical'ish slick rock to the arch. so, I picked up my pride off the ground and we just wandered around and discovered
I suggest watching the sunset on these rocks anytime - it's good for your soul.
we've got views for days ...
 we did some climbing around rocks, near the entrance to the popular rock climbing area : 'tombstone'  I was sort of hoping someone would B.A.S.E. jump off the cliff while we were out exploring; but no such luck.
the 2 days we went exploring around Kane creek were as different as they were gorgeous. The first day we had on t-shirts and hoodies.it couldn't have been nicer; especially considering the pictures above & immediately below were taken on the winter solstice; the same week as Christmas.
we found ourselves hiking kane creek on the evening of the winter solstice. we met a nice couple out there and we all watched the sunset among the petroglyphs. after watching a phenomenal sunset - they told us about cool rock art in the immediate area; so we had to go back.  we went back 2 days later and it wasn't quite the same.
still gorgeous, but it was kinda cold with all that white crap on the ground

we found more way more petroglyphs than we thought we would
some jerk tried to 'cut out' one of the deer above.  you have to seriously question someone's train of thought when they do stupid shit like this.  did you really think it would work? what were you going to do with the broken pieces, after? and why????? people are idiots. 
the guy above 'walked' around the corner ..
there's rockart scattered all over Kane creek .. you just have to pull over,  look up & hike around. 😉 
the kids said the one above is someone making fun of their mother .. lol?
top right above - I loved the 'button' 😊
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