Tower Arch

Tower arch is located off the Klondike Bluffs section inside Arches Nat'l Park.  If you look very carefully, you can even see the arch from Hwy 191 going north out of town .. just look for the tower with an onion shape on top 😆 (aka the minaret)
I freaking LOVED Tower arch!!
It was an awesome hike with so much to see along the way; like the 'marching men' at sunrise seen below ..

Gary says it's one of his favorites, too! 

we spent at least an hour inside the arch and playing around behind it.  
this was our breakfast view :

It was pretty tough to have the arch to ourselves for so long, but we filled the time well.  we had breakfast under the arch and played around BEHIND the arch. 
There are a ton of remnants from fallen arches a.k.a. arch guts!! 
 yes, I'm pretty sure that's the proper archaeological term .. arch guts.

after we ate breakfast and had thoroughly played around the arches of days gone by, we discovered  the nearby ' parallel natural bridge ' 
It is literally just to the right of tower arch if you're standing looking at tower head-on.
there's a Jeep trail on the other side of the canyon that gives you a view of Tower arch .. but we highly recommend the 3 mile hike, instead.
we love to sit under arches .. it's kinda our thing.  

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