Mesa Verde - Balcony House

even though we've been together almost two decades; this summer was our first vacation without the kids.  we did miss them, but to be fair; they were home enjoying their summer break, time with friends, boyfriends and being generally lazy.  
my point in the beginning was that we were able to do whatever we wanted with our timeline/schedule.  After one day we felt like we didn't see it all and wanted to come back for another day.  so, we did.  😀   so, Gary & I went on our way - leaving for adventures at 7am like it was normal to get up at 6 on vacation.   
the second day we scheduled an early morning tour for 'Balcony House' which is deemed the tour for adventurers.   it's called balcony house, because the balcony behind our heads in the picture above.  It's deemed 'adventurous' because you get to climb the 35 foot Indian ladder, below.  
it is as terrifying as it looks, trust me.
for more adventure ...
there's also a 12 inch tunnel to climb through
being able to go explore these dwellings was amazing

we also just so happened to stay for our 'extra day' on the day of the Eclipse 2017.  Our tour also happened to coincide with the moment of totality.   Our tour guide also happened to be "totally" AWESOME & brought tons of extra glasses.  so we got to watch the eclipse hit it's peak from inside an ancient puebloan dwelling.  what an awesome memory from a phenomenal vacation.
the group we got to watch the eclipse with .. 
the clouds in this picture were too freakin' majestic to NOT include the picture

as if all that wasn't exciting enough - while on the tour, a mama buzzard landed down next to her baby and fed the little one in front of our group.  after I got over the whole 'regurgitating food into the baby mouth' thing; I appreciated that some discovery channel shit was going down in front of me and it was friggin' sweet.

we will be back, mesa verde ...  soon.
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