Rochester rock art panel

what do you do when you start running out of arches to hike to? you start a new adventure obsession. cue petroglyphs, pictographs & rock art.   
on this day we visited the Rochester rock art panel in Emery county, Utah.  The forecast was 60 degrees in Emery versus 30 degrees in Moab; so we drove the 2 1/2 hour drive straight into to the sunshine.
(above) along the way TO the rochester panel is the 'Moore cut off road' stop with the biggest danger noodle I've seen to date, more other petroglyphs and a dinosaur print.  we only found the petroglyphs.  we were pretty focused on getting out to the rock. 
clockwise :  (1) the tall rocks we walk next to on the trail (2) Gary taking a picture (3) the picture gary took.  The shot he took is actually of the trail (1.25 miles one way) out to the giant rock formation known as the 'rochester rock art panel'  
this panel does NOT disappoint!! how could it? I mean, it has a RAINBOW!! 
top left (above) I think it's a kokopelli dude!! 
it seemed like every other rock had art on it.
 bottom left picture (above) is the story of a hunter that killed an elk; then some bear came along with her cute but deadly cubs and took it from him.  haha, this was our professional interpretation of this glyph, anyway. 😀 you're welcome. 
middle (above) 1928 cowboy art  // top right (above) boar & an alligator???
 while Gary prepared our snack before we hiked back, Nugget and I explored - finding these few old petroglyphs.  one is so old, it's bottom half is underneath where the ground from today begins. 😐 seriously cool. 
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