Moab Maiden

we hiked kane creek to watch sunset with the ancestors on the winter solstice.  while up high above the rest of the world, we met a super cool couple there for the very same reason.  before we parted ways; they spoke of a specific awesome petroglyph nearby - called the Moab maiden.    
by any means; this isn't a 'popular' hike or a well-known petroglyph.  I won't tell anyone how exactly to get there; because the tiniest bit of effort goes a long way.  It's much more fun to do a little homework & find it on your own.  I promise.   Even with a little information shared with us; we still had to research it & get a little lost in order to find her.
we found a LOT of cool rocks & massive amounts of lichen on this trip.  I also found the best thing ever.  (above - bottom right)  I'm pretty sure those are dinosaur toe bean prints.  I totally hooted, hollered and screamed out loud when I found them. ๐Ÿ˜ 
once we reached the top of our climb; we found an ancient rock circle  (awesome) 
we looked & looked but we couldn't find her.  we asked Nugget & he was no help.  We had literally given up and begun our descent with defeat in our hearts.  until I suggested we eat our lunch and THEN go back to the car.  Gary turned around 3 seconds later and found her.  haha oh you silly maiden, hiding on a boulder .. 
and in her full glory .. the Moab Maiden.  When the guy talked about this petroglyph; he said she had boobs.   haha those are oddly placed .. or maybe they sat differently back then.  ๐Ÿ˜†
there are actually some subtle hints in this post; as to the location of the maiden.  a little attention to detail and some research will go a long way.  take only pictures and leave only foot prints. especially dinosaur foot prints.  ๐Ÿ˜
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