'Bill' Grandstaff canyon

controversy surrounds the name of this canyon as much as the beauty that engulfs every step of the hike.  A black prospector/rancher in the 1870's named William 'Bill' Grandstaff took up home in this canyon.  He prospected and ran cattle through the desert until 1881.    When we first moved here in 2008; the canyon was called 'Negro Bill' canyon.   This name is disgusting; to put it lightly.  many folks (even in this day & age) would use the 'N' word instead of 'negro'  😡  the name 'negro bill' is the 'name' that 'not so nice' townspeople called after him as he came through Moab.      So in 2015, a petition was signed & granted to change the official name to 'Grandstaff' canyon.   Of course it couldn't be that simple; because it's rumored that Grandstaff was actually his slave-owner's name 😕     ... so in our family, we just call it Bill canyon.
ok now that you have my brief synopsis of the most controversial name since 'the redskins' 😯 let's move on to the adventure !!  
the hike through 'bill' grandstaff canyon is an amazing one .. if you time it right AND bring sufficient water. I qualified that statement because we may or may not have almost died in this canyon a time or 2 ..😅  but I digress.
Morning Glory arch is the main attraction on this hike; but don't forget to stop to enjoy the unbelievable scenery along the way. 
There is life EVERYWHERE.  The 2.5 mile hike (5mi total out & back) is in a gorgeous canyon that was cut into the sandstone by a small, perennial stream.  The trail basically runs adjacent to the stream for the first & last 25% of the hike; which is perfect in the summer when people don't bring enough water.  *cough cough* oops 
you have to cross the 'stream' a few different times; so wear water-friendly shoes or be prepared to de-shoe and/or have wet foots 😀  when you reach the natural bridge it's the perfect shady place to stop; chill & get ready for the trek back. 
 according to statistics; measuring 243 feet (74m) across - Morning Glory natural bridge is the sixth largest natural bridge in the US.   We've had the unbelievable luck to basically have the entire area to ourselves 4 or 5 times while we've hiked this canyon.

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