highway 313 rock art

after discovering the plethora of secret rock art treasures along Kane creek and Potash Roads; we knew we had to see what was hiding down Hwy 313. (canyonlands road)  after a few quick searches around the internet we located 4 different spots we wanted to check out
the first spot (above) is near a pull off about 2.3 miles after you turn onto hwy 313 from hwy 191.  The petroglyphs are located high on the rocks; at least 50 feet above ground level.
the second spot is a pull off about .5 miles from the first stop - it has an awesome couple pieces (above)
and is known as the 'intestine man' stop (below)
guts are weird. haha anyway, you could totally climb up in to get right next to this, but we just brought the good camera, zoomed in & kept it moving.  (literally, moved right across the street haha)
after you're satisfied viewing his insides - you can leave your car parked under the watchful eye of intestine man and head across the street, down into the field below.  you'll find an alcove in the distance and up high on a shelf, next to a tall thin tree 'outlined' in white is the pictograph above known as 'snake in mouth.'  you can also climb up onto the shelf to see this pictograph up close and personal; but the day was icy cold.  we were also headed onto another panel.  so, we zoomed in with the nikon and called it good.  perhaps one day, we'll go see closer. when it's warm. 
the final stop of the day was the creepiest .. the bartlett pictograph panel.  there are 6 solemn giant barrier style pictographs looking out into nothing.  I'm not sure why; but it felt like they were trying to warn everyone.  I just wonder about what ..

 this panel is located off of Lone Mesa campground road; easily findable with a google search. 
while here; you should also check out seven mile canyon
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