Hunter Canyon

Hunter canyon is an easy hike, located off of a pull out on Kane Creek drive.  Full of life, several water crossings and rock cliffs as high as your eye can see - this canyon is breathtaking.
there are also two arches here; Hunter arch (pictured below) 
and also one farther into the canyon that we didn't make it to - 'curious arch.'
we'll be back another day to get underneath Hunter arch & to go look at Curious.  But it got a pretty dang chilly in January after the sun went down.  Since this place is in the shade most of the day; this hike would be amazing during hot Moab 104* summer days.
be sure to go at least a couple hours before sunset, if you do go. the energy of this place is kinda intense after dark.  There's camping at the entrance to the canyon, but not actually inside.
 so many places for dogs to play
so many caves inside the canyon.  We climbed up in a couple of caves with no reward of petroglyphs or hidden treasure.  The others were so full of questionable scree fields that we passed them by.  the one above on left was HUGE and went creepily far back ... we passed. I'm a big fraidy cat.
a couple of miles into the canyon you'll come across a couple broken arches which are pretty awesome.  I wish I could have seen them when they wre whole; but I guess the other 2,200 in Moab will have to do.  😆  according to some web sites, Curious arch is about 2.3 miles into the canyon.  Like I said before, I'll get there eventually & update with pictures :) 

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