balcony arch & picture frame arch

there are two obscure arches about 20 minutes outside of Moab in an area called Prostitute Butte. (I don't know why it's named that; don't ask. lol)  they're both located immediately off a 4x4 road which is easily navigated with 4WD or a high clearance 'aggressively driven passenger vehicle.' 
balcony arch (above) is the first on you will come to.
say hi to the cows on the way (below) 
to get to the next arch - this is where I parked my truck.  Around the corner from this arch was a sketchy-deep sand hill that I didn't trust; so we walked the 8 minutes to the other arch.  So, while I may act like I'm a little badass when I get on a 4x4 road; I have more 'gusto' than I do actual 4x4 experience lol so I didn't push my luck.
cool alcove along the dirt road 
picture frame arch
this was an after work adventure; so we were chasing the sunshine.  we didn't climb up inside this arch because we were running out of daylight; but we'll be back when it's warmer & the sun doesn't go down at 5 stupid o'clock ..

getting there ..  go 13 miles south of moab on US 191. turn RIGHT onto dirt road at milepost 112.7 (as the highway reaches crest of hill).  reset odomoter and stay LEFT until you've gone 5.0 miles; where you'll go right 1/4 mile.             N38* 25'56"  W109* 30' 09"
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