a delicate sunset ..

we usually make the hike to this epic, license-plate worthy arch at sunrise.  THIS was actually the first time we had ever gone for a sunset; so when I said usually, I meant almost always. 😆 
I prefer the morning hike over the evening for a couple reasons.  In the morning, there is no worry of heat-exhaustion. The temperature difference can be as much as 40 degrees.  We can get up to 110 in the summer in Moab.  The red rocks will reflect the heat back that's been soaking into the surface all day long.  so, it is literally cooler if you go early.  
we've gone for sunrise half a dozen times.  we always pass 100+ people on their way up as we descend after the sun sets.  but actually AT the arch - there have never been more than a few people for sunrise.
At sunset it is a totally different story.  you will find people literally RACE up the trail.  Even if you aren't racing, you will find yourself surrounded repeatedly by people RUNNING to catch the sunset.  We do our best to refrain from asking them if there's something chasing them.
now, don't get me wrong - it was an undeniably phenomenal sunset.  There really isn't a wrong time to see Delicate Arch; I just like to get up early and be able to hike at my comfortable 'middle-aged chubby' pace without people rushing up behind me 😊
sunsets on a sideways delicate arch 
hiking back in the dark makes for awesome pictures
ending on a gross note, this is a jerusalem cricket.
it almost ate us.

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