sandflats recreation petroglyphs

if there's one place in Moab my kids will remember as they turn into cantankerous, forgetful humans; it's Sand Flats recreation area.   Before our family unit moved from SLC to Moab, the adventures were limited.   Let's be honest .. before Moab, our family time was limited - period.  We spent the better part of a decade working opposite schedules to avoid daycare/latchkey kids.

In 2008, we flipped it all upside down & moved the family unit to Moab.    We made a decision the moment we landed in the valley of red rocks that our life would be different.  We wanted to both work days to spend nights at home with the kids. (5 & 12)       We wanted to volunteer at the schools, go on field trips with classes and spend our life; working to live and not the other way around.  
😳 ..  got a little lost down memory lane .. but I did have a point.
The first place we adventured, in Moab.  The first place we camped.  The first place we brought our rescue puppy to play.  we are literally 4.5 minutes away from a fin we've climbed on top of no less than 57 times to watch the sunset and rise.  I got my first adult concussion on this same fin.  some seriously good times, I'm telling you!! 😂
I've clearly gone too far off track .. I can't go back.
there are some petroglyphs located on some fins just outside Sandflats recreation area .. which means : free. yay. (inside the rec area : $5/day fee $10/camping)
many large danger noodles here and a faceless goat .. 
the fins just keep going as you hike towards the LaSal mountain range.

the trails are pretty obvious that spur off to petroglyph spots

normal nugget face below .. 
derpy nugget face below ..😆.
bottom right, above - cool desert geocache; complete with desiccated lizard  

below .. biggest danger noodle I've seen to date!
Sandflats recreation area is only a few minutes from downtown Moab and if you're in town with a dog; looking for a cool place to hike, bike, jeep, atv, camp, have a fire, take your dog for a walk - basically any of the cool things. you should go have a visit & make your own moab fun.
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