Corona Arch .. better than the beer

why is the arch better than the beer ?

1) it's free
2) dogs can enjoy without getting the farts and/or sick
3) kids can partake legally 
4) you don't have to put a lime on this arch just to make it 'tolerable'
5) .. it's made in America.  duh.  😀

grownups and the littles alike were off work / school 
so everyone got to go on this 1.5 mile hike to Corona Arch .. which never disappoints.

it never ceases to amaze me HOW lovely and vibrant the cactus are, in Moab.
even if it's103 outside and dry enough to make the Sahara jealous; the cactus thrive. 

don't let the cactus fool you though .. you need water.
A LOT of it.

In the top right *below* is the 'face' of Corona
you can see it if you go through the arch to the other side

Mikayla and Ash were trying to borrow shade from a little alcove of rock
then Mikayla did only what Mikayla could do .. 
she got stuck.  
then she fell in.
I often wonder where she gets her special level of clumsy ..
then I trip over air and I remember.

This day begins a 52 week challenge .. 
within a year, I want to go on 52 hikes, adventures & escapades.

here we go ...
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