Bridal Veil Falls - Telluride

when planning the trip - we thought bridal veil falls was to be our 'big hike' on vacation.  Other  adventures were only a mile or 3 - this one was 5.   I was gung-ho ready to hike up a country path over the mountain to see an awesome waterfall.  That was; until I read Trip Advisor reviews.    The 'hike' is actually just a basic 4x4 dirt road up the side of the mountain.
  You can stray from the path and stay a few feet off the road; but it isn't a hiking trail that I wanted to hike by any means.
I don't hike with cars.  I don't want to walk up an ugly, dirt road with cars driving by, flinging rocks and exhaust at me.  

So - we took our 'aggressively driven passenger vehicle' all the way to the top of the road, which is LITERALLY at the gorgeous bottom of Bridal Veil Falls.
haha I said gorgeous bottom.

we look awfully excited to see water come out of some rocks

telluride - gorgeous, tiny mountain town with no stop lights.
They do however, have a free gondola ride that takes you to the mountain village - 10,500 ft elevation.   I made Gary take me up to 'mountain village' for the first time specifically because it housed the only Starbucks for hundreds of miles.   The next 10 rides on the gondola were for dinner, drinks, laughs, pictures, live FB feeds, sunsets and makeout sessions at 10,000+ feet.  go ahead - judge me, I don't care.   

sunset from the gondola

the view from our hotel room ..
I just wanted was to check out the view lying down;
but I took the picture above & woke up almost 2 hours later. lol oops.
haha yay for kid free vacations!!
haha it was also room #420 - very Colorado appropriate.
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