Potash road petroglyphs

about 4 miles north of Moab on highway 191 is Potash road.  along this Colorado river adjacent byway lies a vast, impressive collection of easily accessible petroglyphs/pictographs.  when I say they're easily accessible, I'm not kidding.  every single picture on this page was taken in one afternoon drive.  each panel was view-able from the road or less than 350 feet away.
 these pictures are in no particular order
just about every single 'pullout' on the road produced results
so many treasures were barely hiding behind bushes and on walking paths that just keep going along the rock's face
look up and look down - rock art up on the walls & barely hidden walkways to panels of pictographs
(above) weird foot with six toes and an awesome tiny human hand .. 
 above is a huge bear panel and it is awesome.  I'm not even sure how we missed this in the 23,847 times we've driven right by it; but until this week - we did. haha. oops.
when climbing the rocky little scree slopes looking for ancient art; turn around.  don't forget to enjoy the view.  It's kind of ridiculous if you ask me .. 
(above) my first double headed deer *so weird
my favorite all day was the panel directly above.  it was hidden behind a bush that was as tall as me; but definitely not as tough. haha. the wall had a pictograph, the best thunderbird I've seen, a crab (?)  and maybe an emu ... I don't know for sure.  I just know that I loved it and had I seen no other 'new' panel this afternoon - I'd have been content.

take a drive and check them out .. you will not regret it.
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