Dark Angel Petroglyphs

of course it wasn't until after we came home from our first trip to the Dark Angel that we found out there were petroglyphs hiding somewhere in the area. I'm not joking, 20 minutes after putting the pictures up on Facebook my friend Laura said she remembered a bunch in the area 'somewhere.'  obviously we had to go ..
what a shock - we started our hike early enough to watch the sun rise on the red rocks through out the park. even though I've seen our shadows stretch into oblivion several times; it's always amazing to see.
snow was everywhere; there was even a ton of ice on certain parts of the hike. we were unbelievably glad we had our walking sticks with us and may have expressed that to each other 3 or 4 times as we watched other folks sliding down icy hills and falling on their faces.  their cold faces.  
top middle picture (above)  : mud on the way out, after the trail thawed a little // bottom picture (above)  : tiny arch ๐Ÿ˜Š
as we approached the angel (below) it really looked like there was an alien offering flowers to the Dark Angel.   haha it was a rock with a tree but it made me laugh.
just before Double O arch; we made a new friend from Wisconsin.  He said he'd actually almost turned around; because he didn't want to be out here alone.  Then he saw us ๐Ÿ˜Š so he tagged along out to the Dark Angel.  We all ate breakfast & shared stories of adventures. But, when we mentioned we were going 'somewhere west' to search on cliffs for hidden petroglyphs; we parted ways. haha he headed his way back to the safe trail and off we went .. 
The only information we were able to find when researching these was vague at best; go west.   If you really want to find these; you will.  
you'll find a sign in the midst of these amazing panels.
read this sign.
obey this sign.
what an amazing display
2 pics directly above look like a map of arches nat'l park .. 
so very many panels .. on so many different walls
family top left above : could have been us; it even has a nugget sheep 
awesome elk panel up high .. gary's on a big rock to be eye level 
I loved this spot .. so much energy.
such a fun hike.
we'll be back .. 
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